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Expo Talk: The Golden Age of Precision Medicine

In this educational session, Dr Ken Sutherland, President of Canon Medical Research Europe, Dame Anna Dominiczak, the Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Glasgow in Scotland and Dr Carol Clugston, Director, Living Laboratory for Precision Medicine will discuss the exciting potential of precision medicine.

During this session, delegates will understand more about the ‘Living Laboratory’ concept and the partnerships and wider ecosystem involved in realizing precision medicine, to allow us to diagnose better, prognosticate and to, most importantly, give the right treatment.

This Ultrasound educational talk offers 1 CPD credit.

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At the end of this session, delegates will understand:

  • About putting preventative actions in place for patients at high risk of specific variations of a disease
  • The ‘Living Laboratory’ concept
  • The ‘triple helix’ model, where healthcare providers work closely with academia and industry to bring the precision medicine model to life

This educational talk was created on 9th January 2022. All information contained in this session was correct at the time of distribution.

Disclaimer: Appearing on the Medical Imaging Academy does not represent a commercial partnership or interest from the speaker. The views herein do not represent the views of Canon Medical Systems Ltd.

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